Monday, February 15, 2010

24 Mentality

As I sit and watch another episode of 24, I can't help but think: What would this President do if this nation were in the same situation as is depicted in Season 8 of 24? Caught up in sensitive negotiations with a once rogue nation to secure peace between the US and the Islamic nations, while another group is working behind the scenes to transfer uranium fuel rods for sinister purposes, just how would the present administration handle themselves. Based on their actions, or inactions, concerning foreign affairs since taking office, I'm almost afraid to think how such a scenerio would work out.

What's really alarming is that the scenerios depicted in all 8 seasons of 24 are not at all far fetched. Any or all of the situations could realistically happen to this nation. I believe that one day, maybe sooner than later, something similar to the horror of such happenings will occur right here at home. And I hope, beyond hope, that the President and his or her administration will know how to handle things. If anything does happen, hopefully the President will act like President Palmer did.

What would you do if you were in the Oval Office and you got the call that we were under attack? What would you do if Jack Bauer were your point man? And what would you do if you knew that you had two choices, and they both were disasterous?

Of course, the possibility of any of us being in such a situation of decision and responsibility is remote, to say the least. Still, we should try our best to think about what we would do, and what we would want our leaders to do. I often think about such things. I hope we're never faced with such horrors. Still, if and when the day comes when such things happen, I want a real leader in the White House. I want a man or woman that will do what's best for America and for the American people, even if it means sacrificing some to save the rest. I want a President like David Palmer that will stand his ground, no matter what. I want a man or woman with a 24 mentality.

What say you?