Wednesday, March 16, 2011

An American Ode

By Earl Parsons

To the many unselfish
Throughout our history
That have defended our freedom
Even with their lives
They are true Americans

To the many undaunted
Today and in the past
That cannot be broken
Or defeated in spirit
For they know the truth
Of America’s greatness
They are true Americans

To the throngs of patriots
That still respect the flag
Individuals whose hearts skip
At the red, white and blue
Blue blooded patriots
That loath those that trample
On our flag and our country
They are true Americans

To the Christians standing firm
To the foundation of liberty
Built from the Ten Commandments
And the Holy Word of God
Enduring the onslaught
Of Satan and his minions
They are true Americans

To the conservatives that believe
In the greatness of our forefathers
Their insight and wisdom
Saw us through bad times
Now, more than ever
We must listen to their voices
Screaming from their graves
They still know what to do
For they are true Americans
And we should be listening.