Thursday, January 8, 2015

With a New Voice

So long I have whispered solutions
Kept opinions to a small circle of
Friends, family, and Facebook

Of course, preaching to the choir
Rarely changes anything
‘Cause they already agree

Therefore, I resolve to get louder
Venture outside of my comfort zone
Let the world know that I’m upset

Upset with the loss of freedoms
Upset with government overreach
And with the war on my beliefs

I defended this great nation
A defense that will never end
Until I breathe my last breath

And I want my America back
Land of the free and home of the brave
That shining city on the hill

I want my America back and
I’ll stand shoulder-to-shoulder
With those who seek freedom

I resolve to speak the truth
I resolve to wave Old Glory
And defend her with my all

© 2014 Earl Parsons

Friday, April 18, 2014


In the fight forward they went
Past the stench of much blood spent
Driven on by fear of loss
Such is the cost; freedom’s rent

Freedom on the chopping block
Slavery awaits the flock
Masters wait with key in lock

What happened to our free society
We, the people, taken down
Liberty will not be bound

© 2014 Earl Parsons

Thursday, April 3, 2014

DC Follies

The Left
The Right
All they do is fight

The Bad
The Good
Messed up neighborhood

They scream
They lie
While we scrape to get by

They steal
They take
Half of what we make

They fill
Their banks
Without one grain of thanks

They blame
And shame
And play corruption games

We hurt
We morn
America is torn

“No more!”
We cry
America can’t die

The Left
The Right
Are they ready for a fight?

© 2014 Earl Parsons


Freedom is never free
They sacrificed for me and you
Did what they had to do
The volunteers; the few, the brave
The patriots that gave
Our freedoms fore to save for all
They answered freedom’s call
They fought and some gave all they had

© 2014 Earl Parsons

Stand Up

They need our protection
Stand up

They need our protection
Stand up

They need our protection
Stand up

They need our protection
Stand up

They need our protection
Stand up

They need our protection
Stand up

We all
Need to stand
For what is right
Or America falls
Stand up

© 2014 Earl Parsons