Saturday, April 3, 2010

Mean Spirited.....You Decide

I’ve often been accused of being mean spirited because of the way I talk about the President and his agenda, and the Democrats in charge of the House and Senate. Yes, I will admit that from time to time I do tear up some of the people on the left. But, then, isn’t it true that the left is on a constant tear about those on the right that they disagree with? Of course, there is a slight difference between the left tear and the right.

You see, we on the right do tear down the left, but we also tear down those on our side that we butt heads with. That very rarely happens on the left. In fact, I’ve tried to remember the last time anyone on the left conducted a campaign against anyone in his or her party. Sure, there have been minor skirmishes from time to time, and even a fight here and there, but never an all out, in-party campaign to ruin one of their own.

Another difference between the right and left is that we not only tear up our own, we build up those that deserve it. We praise those that go above and beyond in standing up for the people, the Constitution, and the nation as a whole. The left, on the other hand, rarely build up their own in any way with the exception of proclaiming their party loyalty and tow-the-party-line attitude. Why do you suppose this is? It could be because there's really nothing about their own people that can be pushed when it comes to doing the right thing, being unselfish, or being a Patriotic American.

It seems that all that the left ever says about the President is that he was duly elected and should be supported. They tell everyone that he is so intelligent, and that he knows a better way to get things right in this country. And they blindly follow his lead. This I don’t understand. You see, he's pushing an agenda that goes against reason, logic, or history, yet they blindly support him. Everything that he's pushing has been tried in the past and failed miserably, yet they follow him. Raising taxes always backfires. Unearned entitlements always backfire. More government intrusion into our lives always fails. And it's beyond any logic at all as to why anyone would support his agenda unless they are going to benefit from the freebies, handouts, and undeserved entitlements. Still, they follow him.

What's really sad is that nearly half of the people in this nation are on some sort of government program. And these government programs are overdrawn and broken, but the government still gives and gives and levies more and more taxes onto the backs of the hard working Americans that aren't on the government dole. And the free riders keep voting for more freebies and couldn't care less about those of us that pay for their unearned gifts. So, the government levies more taxes, regulations, and restrictions on the workers and corporations.

And what happens? The corporations close down their factories and move overseas. They hide their money in off-shore accounts. Then they are blamed for the high unemployment that is actually caused by the government. But the worthless don't care. They stand in line with their hands out and vote for the one that will give them more and the same thing happens over and over again until the bank breaks, the hard working people move their money out or quit, and China buys our debt because the idiots in DC won't do what's right and clean up DC.

In other words, this nation is in crisis mode because of the lazy, dependent people that keep voting in the wrong people to do the people's work. And the left cries foul every time a conservative tears into a Democrat or implies that people should be made to stand on their own two feet and earn their own way, the way it used to be.

Of course, it is in the progressive's handbook to make as many people dependent on the government as they can so they can control them from cradle to grave. If we keep going like we are, we will have to change our name from the United States of America to the Ugly Slave-state of America.

That, my friend, is why we tear up the left. And there’s nothing mean spirited about it.