Friday, November 14, 2008

The Red, White and Blue

There was a time

When the red, white, and blue

Was a glory to behold

A beacon on a hill

A sight for sore eyes

It still is for me

But for some

It’s an eyesore

A symbol of intolerance

An emblem of oppression

And they claim to be Americans

I think not.

For true Americans believe

In the red, white and blue

And are thankful

Those colors don’t run

Or fade

Or cower in the night

For the red, white and blue

Is the symbol of liberty

That many have died for

That we may live unfettered



And free

Yet, some forget the sacrifice

Of those who fought

And those who died

Defending our freedom

Securing our future

Denying themselves

For freedom’s cause

Some desecrate Old Glory

And call it artistic freedom

While others deny

Its right to fly

For fear of offending

A non-American neighbor

While others think freedom

Means burning Old Glory

Or trampling underfoot

This symbol of good

Not I

‘Tis wrong to degrade

Or burn

Or deface

Or in any way change

The red, white and blue

And if you do

You’re not a true American

Still you are free

To disrespect, if you wish

This symbol of blood

And good

And right

In your own selfish manner

But, I won’t

For I love this flag

Old Glory

The red, white and blue

And you should, too

For the red, white and blue

Tolerates much

Oppresses none

Liberates all

The red, white and blue

Justifies truth

Promotes the common good

Lifts up the name of God

The red, white and blue

Flies proudly

Waves honorably

Needs no introduction

I salute the red, white and blue

Will you salute, too?

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