Wednesday, November 19, 2008

We Must Support America

From around the world I hear the cries

Of those who’ve sacrificed their lives

For the freedom that we take for granted

For the freedom we’re abusing

Those crying out shout loud and clear

To all who care to lend an ear

“Don’t negate the sacrifice we made.

It was of our own choosing.”

No death should ever be in vain

As long as freedom still remains

Their fight is for our right to breathe

Free air in freedom’s land

We have no right to demoralize

Those on the ground or in the skies

As long as God is at the front

The enemy won’t stand

We must support the freedom crew

Who fight behind red, white and blue

We must support America

Lest freedom flee away

We must support the cause of right

And pray for all who take up the fight

We must support America

Don’t let it slip away

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